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Chris Meloni on The Sam Roberts Show, April 11, 2014

Roberts:  How was the character [Chris Keller] pitched to you?
Meloni:  Uh, “Did you wanna play an inmate on this show called Oz?”
Roberts:  That was it?
Meloni:  That was it.  I had no idea.  And, you know, I got the third script, and I think it’s the script where I first kiss Lee Tergesen.  We make out.  And in the first episode, the prior episodes before…. I was like, “Oh my goodness, I think I’m gay.  I think so.”
Roberts:  So they don’t pitch that to you before?
Meloni:  No, they didn’t.  And that was alright.  And then, so when I got that third script, I looked at Lee and said, “It’s official.  I’m gay.”
Roberts:  ”For you.”
Meloni:  ”And so are you, ‘cause you kissed me back.”
Roberts:  ”And you like it.”
Meloni:  Yeah, he does.
Roberts:  You both liked it.  It was obvious to me.
Meloni:  Both when the camera is rolling and when it’s not.
Roberts:  That’s what I mean about staying in character.  It’s important.
Meloni:  Got it.
Roberts:  It’s important.  Do you?  Because I always hear that when people are on a movie set, and they’re playing opposite a woman, they kind of have that thing where they fall in love a little bit.  Does that happen with Lee Tergesen, a little bit?
Meloni:  Oh, we fell in love.
Roberts:  A little bit, right?
Meloni:  Oh, yeah.
Roberts:  So, that must make you be like, “Look at this.  Two men are in love right now.”
Meloni:  Mmm-hmm.  To this day.
Roberts:  That’s good.
Meloni:  Yeah.
Roberts:  That’s beautiful.
Meloni:  Yeah.

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gerard way + faceless

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anonymous asked: steve/tony or steve/bucky?

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Welcome to the sound of Pretty. Odd.

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Make me choose - Shameless or Supernatural

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